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    Alone has an awesome new tape out on Chondritic Sound and this is the album that preceded it.

    recently recovered from a buried merch box from the Unur/Froe Char/Cellule 34 US tour back in 2015.
    priced super low at $5 OR MORE! (plus shipping) ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE GHOST SHIP OAKLAND FIRE RELIEF FUND! www.youcaring.com/firevictimsofoaklandfiredec232016-706684

    Alone is a project from Belgrade run by Nikola Vitković (also member of Konvoj Bonton Bajkera, Alone in heaven..). Hiding away from public sight, Alone spends his years in his mono utopia, reinventing the alternative history of industrial and melancholic synth pop. His melody is gentle but dark, his beats are slow but hard, his synthesizer is foggy but sharp. Over last 20 years, he has released 6 albums on N.A.U.K., Treue um Treue and Cold trinity.

    This new LP on Spielzeug Muzak delivers a collection of 8 gloomy synthetic lullabyes and scientific love songs from a coast / limit / end of the world, a misty place where all boundaries melt: land, sea and air, inner and outer world, self and non-self. This is the most sleepy and foggiest Alone album thus far, emotionally calm but sonically colourful as ever. It introduces the lead vocals by Igor Petrušić and Draginja Marić mixed with the familiar voice of Nikola.

    listen here: spielzeugmuzak.bandcamp.com/album/coast

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    recently recovered from a buried merch box from the Unur/Froe Char/Cellule 34 US tour back in 2015.
    priced super low at $3 OR MORE! (plus shipping) ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE GHOST SHIP OAKLAND FIRE RELIEF FUND! www.youcaring.com/firevictimsofoaklandfiredec232016-706684

    Since 1996 Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magickal frequencies all over the world through touring from Eastern and Western Europe to Australia, passing by USA, Canada, Japan and Africa, where he played hundreds of shows..…

    He created his own label NIGHT ON EARTH in 2001, and is an active member of the label/collective V-ATAK.

    Not forgetting he’s also part of numerous projects such as SOLAR SKELETONS, MS30, V-ATAK and works also for dance companies, living performances, movie soundtracks and any other mediums with sound inside …

    On this release Tzii propose his own vision of the emperor Elagabalus and his connection to the solar cult ……. decadency, black monoliths and sun rituals melt together into a whirlwind of synths and features Andrea EV on vocal ….

    Tzii website: www.tzii.tk

    listen to it here:

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  • ADN'Ckrystall "Orgasmatronic" Lp (La Forme Lente) SALE!!!

    ADN’ Ckrystall, aka Erick Moncollin, returns with his 4th studio album since 1982! This release is classic ADN full of wacky synthesizers, drum machines and vocals, yet totally refreshing and contemporary as anything he’s ever done.

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  • Algebra Suicide "feminine squared" Lp+DVD (Dark Entries) SALE!!

    ---From the mouth of Dark Entries---

    Algebra Suicide was the married couple Lydia Tomkiw (lyrics/vocals) and Don Hedeker (guitars/keyboards). They formed in Chicago in 1982, and their first four song EP, “True Romance At The World’s Fair”, was self-released that year. It featured a 60′s Vox Guitar Organ, a precursor to the synthesizer guitar, and a Multivox Rhythm Ace drum machine. In 1984 they released a second 4 song EP, “An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows”, ditching the guitar organ but adding the Casiotone MT-40. The “Big Skin” cassette was released in 1986 and featured 13 new compositions with more complex arrangements. A compilation album, “The Secret Like Crazy”, was released in 1988. It collected 20 tracks picked from the first two EPs and the Big Skin cassette, plus unreleased songs.

    “Feminine Squared” is an 18 track compilation that collects all 8 songs from the first two EPs, 4 songs from the “Big Skin” cassette, 4 songs from “The Secret Like Crazy”, a song from the “Pas De Deux” compilation, and a previously unreleased song. Lydia and Don call their approach “Avant Garage” citing inspiration from Patti Smith, Frank O’Hara, Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. Don plays guitar in a hauntingly stark style like Glenn Branca, Tom Verlaine, or Vini Reilly. He then adds Casio keyboards and minimal electronic percussion, creating a moody, atmospheric backdrop for Lydia’s poems. Lydia’s words span a broad range of twisted real-life observations, and are delivered in a deadpan fashion with her distinct Midwestern accent.

    All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy black and white jacket featuring the cut up faces of Don and Lydia from “An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows” EP. Each LP includes a newsprint zine with lyrics, photos, liner notes, and clippings. Also included is a full length DVD featuring a 12-song Algebra Suicide concert from 1984, recorded at the Noise Factory in Chicago. Though Lydia passed away in 2007, her genius lives on in these recordings. Please respect her decadence.
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  • Alien Skull Paint "Nobody Dies Twice" 12"Ep (Genetic Music)

    awesome minimal synth from Germany, catchy as hell.

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  • Astrobrite "Crush" Lp (BLVD) SALE!!!!

    “Astrobrite is the candy-colored, shoegaze-pop project fronted by Scott Cortez, who’s better known for his snowblinded guitar driftscapes in Lovesliescrushing. At one time, Astrobrite was a trio, but Cortez soon adopted the name for his own use; this album appears to be one of the Cortez-only incarnations of Astrobrite, originally released on cd by Clair Records in 2001. For both Lovesliescrushing and Astrobrite, Cortez’ guitarwork follows all the great shoegaze guitar impressionists – My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Swervedriver, Ride, etc. – although both projects are the opposite sides of the same coin. Those Lovesliescrushing albums shed pretty much all of the song-structure from the classic shoegazing sound to amass endless waves of softly crushed smears of distortion and oceanic, narcotizing drones. Like Belong and Christian Fennesz, Lovesliescrushing seemed to be pondering what Kevin Shields might have done as an encore for Loveless, but within Astrobrite, Cortez indulges in pure mimesis of shoegaze bliss-pop at its finest. These blown out four-track recordings could easily be some lost set of MBV recordings circa 1989, complete with androgynous whispered vocal harmonies and whammy-bar tone bending. Given the recent retread of washed out noise-pop by way of Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Beach Fossils, a revisitation into the sugarsmacked sound of Astrobrite makes a hell of a lot of sense. Bright translucent red vinyl and a download coupon complete the package. Nice!” -Aquarius Records ... more

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  • Bloodygrave & Die Lust!- "Bloodlust" Lp (Fatal Injection)

    awesome minimal synthpunk from Berlin. I really like this band.

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  • Bonjour Tristesse "On Not Knowing Who We Are" Lp (La Forme Lente) SALE!!!

    The latest on from the always intriguing La Forme Lente label comes this gem of swedish synths. Enjoy!

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  • Borghesia "Clones" Lp (Dark Entries) SALE!!!!

    “Clones” was Borghesia’s second album, self-released on cassette only in 1984. The band borrowed synthesizers (Roland SH-101, Casio VL-1, Korg Polysix) and a Roland 808 drum machine from friends. Every song was played live – no overdubs – and recorded to a cassette deck over a few nights at their club Disco FV during 1983-1984. The music on “Clones” is meant to accompany various video installations and performances. All of the songs are instrumental and feature various cutting edge techniques for 1983. Hypnotic, proto-techno and acid rhythms and synth lines. Music on the A Side of the LP is faster and club oriented while the B Side offers a drugged out soundtrack to get lost in.

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  • Ceremony "Sanfranin Sounds" 2xLp (No Em Blanc)

    Great collection of CDr only releases now on vinyl for the first time. Shoegazey, synthy, post-punk from this Richmond, Va. duo not to be confused with the band on Matador.

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  • Cryme "Mekonium" Cassette (Belaten) SALE!!!!

    from the mouth of Belaten-

    Cryme — Daniel Fagerström (Skull Defekts/Optic Nest/Et al) and Mattias Gustafsson (Altar of Flies/Jam Session/Et al) — is back with their sophomore cassette »Mekonium« on Beläten offering almost 25 minutes of grooving, tape loop dancehall.

    Like Cabaret Voltaire's retarded cousin being escorted by the Residents, Cryme stumbles around their arsenal of analog synthesizers, drum computers and reel-to-reel's with drooling sexuality and single-minded obsession. Industrial music for »Special« people?

    at times it also reminds me a bit of the Tolerence "Divine" Lp on Vanity but with a darker feel.

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  • Dark Day "Exterminating Angels" (Dark Entries) SALE!!!!

    Dark Entries is working in reverse order to re-issue Dark Day’s first album “Exterminating Angel” originally released in 1980 onLust/Unlust. Dark Day is the minimal electronics brainchild of Robin Crutchfield following his separation with no wave band DNA. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Crutchfield was fascinated with both performance art and the most esoteric edges of pop music. After making his escape to New York City in the mid-seventies, he was inspired by Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono Band and Lydia Lunch’s Teenage Jesus & The Jerks. He made the transition into the new music of downtown Manhattan and formed the “no wave” band DNAwith Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori in 1977.
    In 1979 Crutchfield left DNA to pursue a series of musical projects under the name Dark Day. His first album, “Exterminating Angel” is named after the Luis Bunuel film of the same name. On this album the band is Robin on synthesizers and vocals, Phil Kline on guitar/bass, Barry Friar on drums and guest Steven Brown of Tuxedomoon on saxophone. All 13 songs on “Exterminating Angel” use cheap synthesizers to create cyclical, machine-like keyboard riffs as a foundation for the moody, Teutonic music. Crutchfield sings like a lost member of Kraftwerk with a dry detachment creating a starker and chillier atmosphere. Lyrics were derived from cut-up methods similar to those used by the surrealists, fluxus artists, and William Burroughs and Bryon Gysin and pit the subjected against their torments and tormentors.
    All songs on “Exterminating Angel” were originally recorded at Sorcerer Sound, NYC. 1979 and produced by Charles Ball. This re-issue has been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA. Each LP includes a two-sided fold out poster containing lyrics, photos and lyrical explanations by Robin Crutchfield. Dark Day continue to inspire the current wave of stark, eerie, processional synthesizer music more than 30 years later.
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  • Daybed "Preludes" 12"ep (No Em Blanc)

    Daybed are in a league of their own. You don't come across many minimal wave revivalists these days and you certainly don’t come across many who did it this well. A marvelous neoteric commingling of now defunct genres: minimal, cold, and new wave permeate Day Bed's vintage frosty menthol sound. Carla's echoing vocals are like pristine graupel, distant, yet simultaneously mellifluous and almost angelic, and add to the atmosphere nicely. Their cover of the Zombies' “Girl, Help Me” has been stuck in my head for days...awesome stuff. -Bigger Splashes

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  • Death Domain "Ethedium Bromide" 7" (Dark Entries) SALE!!!!

    Death Domain aka Adam Stroupe is a science nerd from Baltimore and, like me, wears it as a badge of honor. His sound is undoubtedly one of the most bewildering, disorienting yet magnetic and infectious slices of downright bleak takes on synth-based dance music. A one man all-live-analog electronic ice machine (who is also behind ‘SIDS‘ – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). His sound is as cryptically raw as it gets – summoning the seminal Industrial/EBM sounds of the likes of early Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, and The Normal. Each 7″ jacket is silk screened with 4 possible covers that feature a different glow-in-the-dark letter corresponding to base pairs of DNA: A,C,T,or G. Also included are 2 postcards with lyrics and scientific drawings for those without an imagination.

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  • Eleven Pond "Bas Relief" Lp (Dark Entries)

    Dark Entries Records is proud to announce the reissue of the debut album by Eleven Pond. Long sought after by collectors, the Rochester, NY band only released a single LP in their time together before dissolving into obscurity. Their sound–a merging of post punk, dark dance and synthpop full of melodic arrangements–reflected the originality of gifted songwriters who met in art school with a shared interest in 4AD and Factory Records.
    In cooperation with the band members, the entire album has been remastered from the original 2-track analogue masters by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The recordings on this release comprise the band’s entire recorded output and the LP includes a 2009 redesign by Jeff Gallea of Eleven Pond.

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  • Ev Of Isis "Dark Ambition" cassette (Belaten) SALE!!!

    from the mouth of Belaten-

    Ethereal, hypnotic darkwave from this fairly new trans-atlantic collaboration between Stockholm's Josefin Hinders (drummer in Forest) and San Diego's Amanda Schoepflin (Cathedral X).

    »Dark Ambition« occupies a not-quite-nightmarish corner of the dreamworld, like an unsettling but not outright terrifying soundtrack to somnambulant surrealism.


    pretty accurate from where i'm sitting

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  • Future Blondes "Feather 17" Lp (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!

    Feather 17 is the first proper full-length vinyl album from Houston’s Future Blondes and comes following a long and sordid trail of tapes, cd-rs, and 12”s on labels like Dull Knife, FLA, and Robert & Leopold.

    Mastermind Domokos (also known for his drumwork in Texas noise-punk legends RUSTED SHUT, live bass/tape manipulations for HELIOS CREED/CHROME as CHEMICAL MANGE, and appearences w/ BLACK LEATHER JESUS) serves up another heavy batch of mutated white-light techno/industrial with contributions from members of BOOK OF SHADOWS, //TENSE//, BALACLAVAS, TWISTED WIRESS, and SYNB.

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  • HEATDEATH "II" Lp (staticstation) FREE WITH SHIPPING or ORDER!!!

    Heatdeath is the duo of Andrew Broder (Fog, Cloak Ox, Hymies Basement, etc) and Tim Glenn (Fog, Squidfist, much more). This is a project where they explored the reaches of distortion, noise, and dark ambience all utilizing guitar, computer and drums. Silkscrened jackets.

    teaser video here- youtu.be/0GRHLLNLBWc

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  • Hot Guts "Edges" Lp (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!

    Edges is the long anticipated debut album from Philly’s Hot Guts (founded in 2007 by frontman Wes Russell and drummer Greg Frantz as a sonic reflection of the rotting urban hell hole that surrounded them). Previous releases included a 7” on Badmaster Records, a cassette, and a split 7” with NY’s Pop. 1280.

    Edges is a perfect blend of sullen and morose post-punk, catchy synthwave, and industrial nihilism that is somehow overshadowed by a sense of a youthful optimism. Comparisons could certainly be made to bands like Savage Republic (Tragic Figures era) or Cop Shoot Cop, but they would have to be tapered with the side of things that could fit seamlessly alongside classic early Factory Records bands. Ultimately, comparisons are useless since Edges is a solid album that really just needs to be listened to start to finish.

    Russell and Frantz were joined on this recording by Philly musicians Michael Reaser (FNU Ronnies), and Adam Cooper (Tickly Feather). Edges also features contributions from legendary Philly-based experimental musician Charles Cohen (on the Buchla Box), and the lovely Miss Shari Vari (AKA Void Vision).
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  • Kindest Lines "Covered In Dust" Lp (Wierd) SALE!!!!

    Covered in Dust the debut LP from Louisiana's Kindest Lines, opens suitably with a beat that sounds a lot like like an industrial rendition of The Ronettes' 'Be My Baby'. Brian Wilson cited that song by the legendary New York girl group as the greatest pop recording ever, and many refer to it as the perfect example of Phil Spector's "wall of sound" production. Those artists established many of the templates for how modern music is made, but what still stands out is the sense of that music having been simply dreamed-up. With organic washes of layered melodic guitars and lush songcraft, this New Orleans-based trio is definitely doing some dreaming of their own. Kindest Lines are blazing a unique path into an enchanting realm of darkened electronic indie pop that is at once welcoming and foreboding.

    Just as Phil Spector clearly had his demons, and just as post-Katrina New Orleans in the wake of the BP environmental disaster has become as much an emblem of loss and destruction as of Mardi Gras festiveness and upbeat jazz, the tension between dancey jubilance and the cold heart of darkness lurks in each song. Lead singer Brittany Terry expertly navigates the listener through these terrains with a voice that's never so cold as to sound detached, and yet never saccharine. Her sultry earnestness effortlessly compliments primary songwriter Jack Champagne's moody, punchy compositions while her diary-like lyrics and unassuming delivery invite the listener into her charmed universe.

    The title of the album's second track sums it up: 'Destructive Paths to Live Happily'. It's music by and for people who are neither committed to sullen defeat nor blind optimism, but rather for those that tend toward the kind of affirmative, outsider attitude that refuses to take either side and instead finds a way to embrace the ways in which the two coexist. As 'Running Into Next Year' commences with its aggressive dance beat and ominous minor key synth melodies, the lyrics take an unexpected turn: it's a song about the possibility of being happy in love. Colored though the scene may be by neurotic overthinking and booze-induced confusion, it's an honest portrait of those most elusive pangs of longing that mean so much precisely because of the way that doubt interjects itself. Tracks like 'Record Party' and 'Prom Song' cement those themes as they play out like bittersweet, nostalgic audio snapshots.

    Produced by cerebral electro-experimentalists Alfredo Nogueira and Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, yet brimming with spacey guitar work and hooks aplenty, Covered in Dust is a record that thrives on harmonious disparities while maintaining all of its thematic and sonic cohesion. The Ronettes pined, "Oh won't you please be my baby." Updated by Terry? "Psychotic outbursts in the name of love, always wanting." When you get down to the bleeding heart of the matter, it's kind of all along the same lines.
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  • Locks "Suicides Don't Commit Themselves" Lp (staticstation) FREE W/SHIPPING or ORDER!!!

    -we have a bunch of these. if you want one, order something and include a note saying you want this and it will be included free of charge!!!-

    Debut Lp from this long running ever evolving chicago duo. Minimalist baritone guitar and drums peppered with electronics and surreal lyrics. Comparisons to everything from King Crimson, Sisters Of Mercy, This heat, Oneida, and all kinds of bands that don't sound like each other. A strange record by a band that came from 90's hardcore and spun off to Modern Tapes' own Unur and the rhythmic foundation of Joan Of Arc. Yep, it still doesn't make sense.

    listen to it here- staticstation.bandcamp.com/album/suicides-dont-commit-themselves

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  • Lost Tribe "s/t" Lp (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!

    Blind Prophet Records is very proud to present the debut album from Richmond, VA’s Lost Tribe. Lost Tribe play apocalyptic dark punk but with with a solid d-beat & crust backbone that makes this a record both for punks and dark music freaks alike. The atmosphere is comparable to that of The Mob, New Model Army, or The Chameleons but with the power of Discharge or Amebix’s rhythm section. It goes without saying that their live show is not to be missed, and you can expect a healthy dose of smoke machines, sweat, studs, and leather. Features members of Aghast, SSR, Empty Grave, Syndrome, and Caves Caverns.

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  • Martial Canterel "You Today" Lp (Wierd) SALE!!!

    Wierd Records is proud to present the new album by Martial Canterel entitled You Today. Since his first live performances in 2002, Sean McBride, aka Martial Canterel (who also performs as half of the duo Xeno & Oaklander), has produced a rich catalog of self-released and limited edition LPs, cassettes, and compilation tracks. The carefully crafted, private, raw, and often feverishly aggressive 'minimal synth' sound he has pioneered has been a pillar influence for the Brooklyn minimal electronics scene and and beyond. Merging the influences of the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in northern Europe, and seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle and SPK, with the smoothly stylish songcraft of early British New Wave, Martial Canterel records and performs using analogue synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines exclusively. Thoughtful yet distinctly danceable and infectious, this record is the apex of McBride's icily idiosyncratic sound.

    You Today incorporates bright, urgent melodies that snake and and swagger between major and minor keys. The songs emanate a subtle melancholic darkness and a rhythmic, militant propulsion keeping things moving against all odds. Lyrically, the album continues McBride's exploration of the increasing difficulty in trying to connect with real people and real things as technology renders the material substance of bodies and objects ever more abstract and distant. This yearning for unmediated human contact with the world is appropriately echoed throughout the album by the hands-on, entirely live approach to recording and performance ("the molding of electricity" as he has referred to his compositional technique.) "Market" and "Sidestreets" each delve into the disconcerting atmospheres of crowds, buildings, objects and intimates; the city with its boulevards, by-ways, and dead ends complicating the meeting of two lost and wandering figures (perhaps lovers?) The restrained, sensual haze of "The Empty Sand" conjures oceanic imagery while the title track is a lament to love lost, ambiguously addressing the listener as a memory image of potential connection and attraction.

    The solitary listener can certainly enjoy the music of Martial Canterel, but its visceral intensity also translates directly to the dancefloor. Amidst a flurry of flesh in motion, in a blissful atmosphere of material connection with others, the concepts that permeate the music and its creation become a reality.
    ... more

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  • Nine Circles "The Early Days" 2xLp (Genetic Music) SALE!!!!

    Really excited about this one. Unearthed early recordings from this Dutch synth duo from 1980-1982. Rather mysterious and rare as they never performed live (except on one radio show which is included as side D) but recorded around 60 songs in two years (15 of which are on sides A-C). I'm not going to claim anything is the "holy grail" of minimal synth but this is a pretty awesome find. Way to go Genetic!

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  • Monozid "a splinter for the pure" Lp SALE!!!!

    Leipzig's finest post punk. Great stuff, hard to find in the US!

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  • Neon Judgement "Early Tapes" Lp (dark entries) SALE!!!

    collection of early cassettes from these belgian legends.

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  • Pop.1280 "Thirteen Steps" 7" (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!

    b/w "dead hand" awesome 7" bridging "the grid" and "the horror". awesome noisy, seedy future punk.

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  • Population "s/t" 7" (blvd records) SALE!!!!

    chicago dark punk. their debut vinyl offering. great stuff and foreshadowing of what is to come
    Last copy! Currently out of print.

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  • ((Pressures)) "casting shadows" cassette (Disko Obscura) SALE!!!

    debut release from this young band and label from New Orleans. 4 songs of really solid minimal synth.

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  • SGNLS "s/t" Lp (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!

    from the mouth of blind prophet:

    Finally a proper synth punk band! Philly’s SGNLS follow in the tradition of bands like The Units rather than bands that are merely labeled “punk” by the distinction that they cannot play their synths properly. Live they are capable of synth heavy freakouts not dissimilar from Hawkwind or Heldon, whereas on record they reel it in a bit and show us some real solid songs that should appeal to fans of everything ranging from The Screamers to The Big Boys.

    Limited to 200 copies and comes with a fold out poster.

    we've got a couple copies of this gem, order away!

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  • SIC "thought noises" Lp (dark entries) SALE!!!!

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND. Contains both 7" and demos. Belgian minimal synth awesomeness.

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  • Soma Sema "Artificial Heart" 7" (No Em Blanc) SALE!!!!

    “Artifical Heart” is a slow piece of synth pop. The track seeps with an organic quality, Clara Hall’s vocals being at the track’s core. Synthesizers act as buoy on which to float the lyrics. The track has a sound similar to a subdued Daybed or a less analogue Xeno & Oaklander. The flip introduces “Frenzy.” Once again Hall’s voice is central, the synths taking on an eclipsed aspect with solemnity entering the EP. There is a haunting atmosphere to the piece, a fissure being corrupted to a rupture by the blend of vocals and synth.- igloomag.com

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  • Stress "Conspiracy Theory" Lp (Dark Entries) SALE!!!!

    STRESS is the duo of Alan Rider and Phil Clarke from West Midlands, England formed in 1981. Alan was editor of Coventry fanzine “Adventures in Reality”, and Phil was editor of Nuneaton fanzine “Damn Latin.” Stress combined electronic rhythms and keyboards with bass guitar, vocals, percussion, and cut-up samples. They created catchy electronic pop songs that fused accessible & experimental elements with a pointed lyrical edge in the vein of Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode and Joy Division.
    Their first two albums were cassette releases on Alan’s own Adventures in Reality Recordings label. “Help Comes Too Late” in 1982 followed by “Restraint” in 1984. In July 1985 Stress released “The Big Wheel” album and appeared on numerous cassette and vinyl compilations worldwide. More gigs and press followed and the album took the Number 1 spot in the NME’s electronic charts. Stress split in September 1985 and re-formed briefly in 1991 to record two tracks.
    “Conspiracy Theory” is an 11-song ‘best of’ compilation album featuring tracks from the first two cassette albums with “The Prayer Clock” from Third Mind Records’ ‘Life At The Top’ compilation LP and “Tear It Down” from the ’Compulsory Overtime’ compilation LP. Each song has been carefully remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each LP also includes a 16-page booklet “Stress Edition” of Adventures in Reality fanzine with photos, equipment list, press cuttings, lyrics and an exclusive Stress badge.
    ... more

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  • The Surreal Funfair "Navigation Lost" Lp+CD (No Em Blanc) SALE!!!

    Based in Berlin, this solo-project was set up by Sascha Beyer. The Surreal Funfair claimed to be inspired by some famous musicians like The Residents and The Legendary Pink Dots.
    There for sure is a similar taste for minimalism, but I don't really hear a pure emulation- Side Line Music Magazine

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  • Television Set "Consumer Price Index" 7" (Genetic Music)

    Cold, analogue, German. This 7" is freaking awesome.

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  • Television Set/Others In Conversation 7" (Genetic Music) SALE!!!!

    Somewhat mysterious collaboration (not a split) between these two artists. Awesome. imagine Television Set with guitars, female vocals and a more "live" feel.

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  • Three Winters "the atrocities ep" cassette (Belaten) SALE!!!

    Three Winters is a Norwegian group consisting of Kim Sølve (Blitzkrieg Baby/K100/Kim + Trine Design Studio), Anders B (Babyflesh/Mind & Flesh) and Lars Fredrik Frøislie (Wobbler/White Willow).

    This, their debut release, offers three songs from their upcoming album, as well as four remixes (by Pseen, Aymeric Thomas, Mister and Th. Tot). The result is a nightmare-inducing yet beautiful odyssey into a dark atmospheric, cinematic synthesized musical landscape rarely (if ever) explored by a Norwegian group.

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  • Unur "Anywhere/Anyone" Lp (Genetic Music) SALE!!!!!

    Vinyl issue of the two cassettes from modern tapes. Back and forth between minimal synth and post-punk guitar or perhaps a mix of the two? Artwork on this is pretty snazzy to boot!

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  • Void Vision "In 20 Years" 7" (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!!!

    fantastic minimal synth from Shari Vari aka Void Vision. Great synth sounds, awesome vocals, catchy songs. Is there more? Just about out of print too.

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  • Xeno and Oaklander "Set & Lights" Lp (Wierd) SALE!!!!

    A portrait emerges in the video for the lead single from Xeno & Oaklander's Sets & Lights: one of two separate yet unmistakably intertwined individuals. Liz Wendelbo gracefully ascends and descends a menacing staircase while Sean McBride stands patiently in the ambiguous, blurred distance. The time is warped, the architecture is unfriendly, and the relationship between both people and their physical environment is made anxiously questionable. And yet, dominating the proceedings is an air of exoticism and pervasive sensuality in the face of what feels like an impending violent event. The collision of these tensions, atmospheres, and personas is soundtracked on this latest offering from Wierd Records.

    Xeno & Oaklander create a universe where technology is beautifully timeless, where electricity pulses with vigor and effortless finesse. The standard meaning of "ghosts of technology," with its equally standard images of looming architecture and lifeless shells of machines, is rendered obsolete. Nimble electronic melodies sing, stretch and glow like elegant apparitions. Grandiosity and restraint live harmoniously side-by-side, just as the dual vocals of McBride and Wendelbo weave in and out of one another, sometimes an isolated croon and sometimes a layered texture. From the title track, with its thumping robotic heartbeat to the orchestral (yet still danceable), transportive instrumental "Italy," Sets & Lights is a record that invites the listener to become fully immersed. Tracks like "Blue" and "The Staircase" are punchy sing-a-long industrial pop songs while "Desert Rose" uses lush synthesizer textures to rival the most forlorn folk balladeer.

    The interplay between McBride and Wendelbo yields very little that is conventional, but quite a lot that's alluring. Theirs is an enigmatic combination of various sensibilities that nevertheless produces a singularly focused vision. McBride sings, "the theater, the stage, the sets the lights, masking some grand delight." This is a record that makes the most of the power of electronic instruments to set a scene, to evoke intrigue, and to invite the mind to wander into those shadowy places where grand delights hide.
    ... more

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  • Xex "Change" Lp+DVD (Dark Entries) SALE!!

    ---From the mouth of Dark Entries---

    xex were an all-synthesizer band from South River, New Jersey in the late 1970s. The band formed when a trio of high school misfits with funny names (Waw Pierogi, Thumbalina Gugielmo and Alex Zander) teamed up with some friends from Rutgers College. They released their debut album “group: xex” in 1980 which Dark Entries reissued in 2010. We were lucky to discover the master tapes of their unreleased second album “xex:change” in Waw’s basement.

    “xex:change” takes a leap from where the band left off at the end of 1980. David Anderson left the group making xex a quartet. Recorded during the summer of 1981 and produced with Ziggy Rodberg, xex further developed the aesthetic of the first album. The seven songs here are more complex and hypnotic than the synthpunk outbursts of “group:xex.” Their new synthesizers, a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and a Minimoog, evoke the high-tech utopia of Patrick Cowley and proto-techno of Afrika Bambaataa. Thumbalina’s vocals have a detached, icy quality. Lyrics revolve around xex’ melange of oeuvres – pop, kitsch and New Jersey mall culture – offering commentary on species-specific adaptations for copulation, technophilia/phobia and the Jersey shore. “xex:change”, a multiple entendre that refers to the evolution of the group since its first album, group interaction in the creative process, and underlying sexual ambiguity. The group did not have the funds to release the album and it sat in obscurity for over 30 years.

    All songs have been remastered from the original reel to reel tapes for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in jacket created by Alex Zander for his senior art project in college in 1980. Each LP includes a double sided 11×11 cardstock insert with lyrics and photos. Also included is a full length DVD featuring a 9-song xex concert from 1981, recorded at Hurrah in New York. With the bonus DVD included in the new LP, more people will see xex perform than ever saw them play live. More than 30 years later xex:change finally sees the light of day and fits in today’s world all too perfectly.
    ... more

    Sold Out

  • Xiu "Posession" cassette (Belaten)

    From Belaten-

    Xiu returns with the »Possession EP« — her second solo release after last years' amazing self-titled cassette on Aufnahme+Widergabe — offering 25 minutes of retro-pop and futurist synth waves.

    »Possession EP« shrouds a broken heart in icy sheaths of ethereal, minimal wave pop jems. Dark and mournful, yet oddly comforting!


    i am in complete agreement! I really like this tape.

    Sold Out

  • X-Ray Pop "The Dream Machine" Lp (Dark Entries)

    X RAY POP are the synth-pop duo of Doc Pilot and Zouka Dzaza from Tours, France. They got their start in the no wave art group Bocal 5 in 1981 and split off in 1984 to focus on their own brand of quirky synthesized electronics. Influenced by Erik Satie, Brigitte Bardot, Suicide and Young Marble Giants, they call their music “minimum naive new wave.” Armed with a Casio PT-20 keyboard and a rudimentary Yamaha MR10 drum machine they recorded their demo cassette and first 7″ “Eurasienne”/ “La Machine à Rêver” in 1984. Upgrading their synthesizers and adding some saxophone and guitar, they recorded the “Alcool”/ “Amazone” 7″ in 1985 and the “DS”/” El Gato” 7″ in 1986.
    “The Dream Machine” collects X RAY POP’s first three 7″ singles plus 8 songs from their demo cassette, never released on vinyl before. Their songs are short, concise and well structured; richly textured, moving at a quick speed with hardly a pause. The demos show a sense of humor, vitality and carefree playfulness. Zouka’s pouting, tongue-in-cheek vocals (sung in French) come together for a catchy, sensuous, danceable, eccentric psychedelic ride. Reminiscent of the Mo-dettes, early OMD or Algebra Suicide, X RAY POP could be the missing link to Stereolab.
    All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley directly from the original master tapes. Each LP comes in a neon yellow jacket with an 8 page booklet full of unreleased photos, original artwork and lyrics. 28 years later, this is the first time since the original issue that the songs of X RAY POP are reappearing on vinyl again, but is the world ready?
    ... more

    Sold Out

  • V/A- "Circuit D'Actes" vol.1 Lp (La Forme Lente) SALE!!!!

    Awesome comp from this great label. artists include-
    Ssleeping desiresS
    Makina GirGir
    Former Airline

    2 songs from each!

    Sold Out

  • V/A- Death Disco Compilation CD (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe) SALE!!!!

    Compilation of bands who have all performed at the Berlin based party of the same name.

    01. AUTOMELODI: Couloir Néant ^
    02. DIE SELEKTION: Meine Gedanken ^
    03. VOYVODA: D.A.S.F.
    04. TINY BOYS: Focus (Death # Disco Version) ^^
    05. TERROR BIRD: Waiting For Nothing ^^^
    06. FRUSTRATION: Holocaust (Echec Scolaire) ^^^
    07. SGNLS: Double Edge Sword ^^^
    08. DREAM AFFAIR: Outside ^
    09. ECHO WEST: Black Tie, White Shirt ^
    10. DAYBED: Changing Tides ^
    11. MARTIAL CANTEREL: Kiev Park ^
    12. CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE: Second Glance (Break Down Remix) ^^
    13. AGENT SIDE GRINDER: Life In Advance (Jacques C Remix) ^^
    14. XENO & OAKLANDER: The Staircase (Version) ^^
    15. NURVUSS: W.S.I.D. ^
    16. MONOZID: Exit Hearts ^
    17. CONTRE JOUR: Diseased ^^^
    18. SILENT SIGNALS: Berlin Is Lost ^
    19. THE KVB: Free Yourself ^
    20. WINTER SEVERITY INDEX: Embracing The Void ^
    21. PINOREKS: The End ^^^

    ^ Previously unreleased track
    ^^ Previously unreleased version
    ^^^ First time available on CD
    ... more

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  • V/A - "La Forme Lente 1" Lp (La Forme Lente) SALE!!!

    First release from the French label La Forme Lente, released in January 2009, is a mix of 10 bands from France and Belgium. All the songs are unreleased & recently composed except “Je Mourrai” (lyrics by Boris Vian) which has just been published on the Belgian Pneu label. The A-Side is more instrumental new-wave / rock orientated whereas B-side is much more electronic with minimal synthpop dance. Gorgeous silk screened cover! Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies!

    Sold Out

  • V/A Something Cold 12" Compilation SALE!!!

    Autumus, Ze Dark Park, Subtitles, Deastro, YOU., The Present Moment, Further Reductions, Os Ovni, Especially Good.

    inaugural label release of this Detroit synth, coldwave, industrial party.

    Sold Out

  • V/A- "The Thing From The Crypt" Lp (Dark Entries) SALE!!!

    From Dark Entries-
    Dark Entries is proud to present “The Thing From The Crypt,” a 16-track compilation of UK DIY/Synth/New Wave/Post-Punk originally released in 1981. Showcasing the thriving post punk sound of Watford, a town in Hertfordshire, England, located 20 minutes northwest of central London. “‘The Thing From The Crypt’ neither attempts to sell a ‘Wotford sound’ nor claims to be a comprehensive guide to the area’s best beat bands. Like all good compilations, its essence is variety: some tracks will make you come whilst other will make you vomit.” – original liner notes by Robert Dellar
    This compilation features 8 bands with two songs included by each group. EXHIBIT A were a quartet featuring Mat and Dan from Solid Space and Paul and Andrew from Twelve Cubic Feet. Legendary post-punk act SAD LOVERS & GIANTS make their first appearance here as a five-piece. MEX was the solo project of Paul Mex, the man responsible for this compilation, who went on to produce songs for WHAM and George Michael. GAMBIT OF SHAME deliver driving carnival pop and would later work with ex-Soft Machine member, Robert Wyatt on their debut single. FLYING BEECHCRAFT serve a slice of wistful Flying Nun indie pop. IMAGE IN RUIN bounce between off-kilter NY No-Wave skronk and angst. SOFT DRINKS were a short-lived synth-punk trio featuring the Jon Greville of Rudimentary Peni and Martin Drooper of The Magits who released a 3 song EP on Outer Himmylayan Productions. S-HATERS were a deathrock quartet also on the Outer Himmylayan roster who channeled the gothic punk of PIL’s “Metal Box” and Joy Division.
    All songs have been transferred from the master tapes by Paul Mex and remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in a full color printed jacket using the original silk screened artwork. Each LP includes a copy of the 12 page booklet that came with the original pressing. “The Thing From The Crypt” is more than a local compilation, its the stuff John Peel shows were made of.
    ... more

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  • V/A- Venus/Venom cassette compilation (Spielzeug Muzak) SALE!!!!

    international compilation featuring all female or female fronted acts on this awesome french label!

    Low Sea, Mushy, Gel Set, Chambre Froide, Violet Tremors, Camella Frances, An:Idea, Dolina, Lotph, Aelita, Froe Char, Wielka Radosc

    this is an awesome compilation, tons of great synths and postpunk goodness. comes packaged in a plastic zip-bag with a big poster and a sticker or pin.

    Froe Char cassette coming soon on MT!!!!

    Sold Out

  • V/A- "When We Have Each Other We Have Everything...a tribute to Death In June" Cassette (Aufname+Wiedergabe) SALE!!!!

    the title kind of speak for itself. A gaggle of artists pay tribute to Death in June.

    Death Of Abel - Runes & Men
    Digital Leather - She Said Destroy
    La Fete Triste - But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter
    Ragnar - Hollows Of Devotion
    Kinit Her - Hail The White Grain
    BLACK VASE - Fields
    Southern Sadness - Ku Ku Ku
    Rise - Fall Apart

    Sold Out

  • V/A – Umrijeti Za Strojem/Neither Nor split 7” (Genetic Music)

    It seems like former Yugoslavia is beginning to give up its minimal synth jewels of the past. After the fresh re-issue of Borghesia on Dark Entries comes Genetic with a split of obscure Eastern European electro pop acts. Umrijeti Za Strojem and Neither/Nor are two side of the same coin, both being aliases of the same group. First up is Umrijeti Za Strojem and “Strana A.” The track is a pumping piece of dark EBM, with abrasive vocals digging into synth and string. Next for the synth enthusiast is Neither/Nor with “Against.” The track is a superb deep piece minimal synth. All is parred away with vocals breathed over machine beats and gentle chords; similar in vein to the likes of Victrola or Vita Noctis.-Igloomag.com

    Sold Out

  • Bakterielle Infektion "In Grief" 12"Ep (Genetic Music)

    Great German synth music from this duo featuring the brains behind Television Set exploring a little more of an EBM direction

    Sold Out

  • Terence Hanum "Burning Impurities" cassette (Belaten)

    From the mouth of Belaten-

    Terence Hannum, one third of avant drone metal outfit Locrian, never fails to conjure forth an otherworldly power, whether it be through his visual work or his auditory excursions.

    »Burning Impurities« offer two side long purgative torrents of white noise bliss. Meditative but by no means serene, this work stands as an enigmatic sonic ritual, a distant memory of the sound of the ur kaos and another fine entry in the ever-growing canon of Hannum.


    a rather sweeping, claustrophobic din of tones. Powerful repetition at its finest.

    Sold Out

  • Frank Alpine "s/t" Lp (Wierd)

    Frank Alpine is the alias of Rich Moreno, a veteran of LA's punk and darkened indie underground scenes, as well as a former member of New Collapse and The Boy Scouts of Annihilation. Alpine uses only consumer Casio synths to create a sound that's so thick and so harsh at times, to call it lo-fi would be to suggest something far weaker than the sounds themselves express. And while the atmosphere and gritty electronics might hearken to certain strains of industrial music or power electronics, the decided pep of the songs, and their almost blues-like simplicity situate Alpine's music much more squarely in the realms of punk and even old-fashioned rock and roll. Whether "No Exit" intends to reference Sartre's existential drama is irrelevant; the mood conjured is apropos of a post-death limbo. The album's second track, "Heart is Grey" finds Alpine crying out the song's title ad infinatum, as if to take the tired tropes of mope rock and give them new life as the ritualistic refrain of a headbanging electropunk dirge. And the wordless, relentlessly menacing "Through Your Window" invites one to nervously contemplate the voyeurism suggested by the song's title. What's being seen, and by whom? Fascinating, yet remarkably uncomplicated tricks such as these carry Frank Alpine's brand of minimal electronics to areas both cerebral and viscerally primal. ... more

    Sold Out

  • YOU. "Demonstration" 12"Ep (Blind Prophet)

    Twisted and creepy beat driven minimal synth electro. YOU. are a Brooklyn (via Detroit) duo whose debut 12″ ep sometimes brings to mind the stranger side of early Belgian electronic music (think Bene Gesserit) or Detroit techo heroes Drexciya but with an attitude that’s totally punk! You’d be a fool to miss this one…

    Sold Out

  • Poena "Likboden" cassette (Belaten)

    From Belaten-

    »Likboden« was recorded in the old morgue of the Sidsjön mental hospital in Sundsvall, a fact that permeates every death reeking, unsettling second of this 30 minute piece.

    Poena — the spirit of punishment as channeled by Kristian Olsson (Survival Unit/Alfarmania) and Christian Godin — perfectly blends the rank atmospheres of early Brighter Death Now with the obscure ritualistic rattles of Zero Kama and Ain Soph.


    beautiful, morose drones, tones and wails with spatterings of percussion like you're being followed by something you can't see. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you'd be a fool to miss this.

    Sold Out

  • Bootblacks "s/t" Lp

    Not only can you find the brand new "Narrowed" cassette from Bootblacks released by modern tapes, you can also find the debut full length (fall 2012) from this brooklyn quartet. Dark post-punk with some synths for flavor and a recurring thread of badassery. Silkscreened covers, includes a patch and download card. great stuff. I like them so much i put out a tape for them.

    Sold Out

  • Rosenkopf "s/t" Lp (WIerd) SALE!!!!

    Sold Out

  • Blackie "Morgen Über Uns" LP (No Em Blanc) SALE!!!

    This record is COOOOOLD and feels so German in all the best ways. I've been playing it a ton around the house lately. Really great minimal synth brought to us from the ever impressive No Em Blanc label (daybed, ceremony, sixth june, nina belief, etc.)

    Sold Out

  • V/A – Brave Exhibitions CD (Animals As Automata) SALE!!!

    Compilation of artists who have performed at the Berlin and London based synth/coldwave party of the same name.

    01. You Brave Exhibitions
    02. Jemek Jemowit – Meine Tabletten
    03. No Bra – She Was A Butcher
    04. No Artist – I'll See You Later, Gentlemen
    05. Sixteens – Paper Feathers
    06. Maria And The Mirrors – Travel Sex
    07. Stav B – Let Love In (Excerpt)
    08. No Kisses. – How Cold R U (Original Version)
    09. Gertrud Stein – Tanze Samba Mit Mir
    10. Daybed – Journey (Radio Edit)
    11. Mueran Humanos – Exito De Una Ex Santa
    12. ImonomI with Vahn – Cold Song
    13. Sixth June – Fade
    14. Nineteen Eighties Vintage
    15. Oppenheimer Analysis – Under Surveillance (Original Mix)
    16. Velvet Condom – Dirty Me
    17. I Caught Syphillis Once In Top Shop
    18. Table Manners – Ex-Yugoslavia
    19. Ditto:Destroyer – Years Off
    20 . You Brave Exhibitions
    ... more

    Sold Out

  • Baard "Life In A Goldfish Bowl" 7" (genetic music) SALE!!!!

    Reissue of this pretty classic slice of Swedish synth from 1982. well done AGAIN genetic!

    Sold Out

  • Informatics "Dance To A Dangerous Beat" Lp (Dark Entries) SALE!!!!

    from dark entries-
    INFORMATICS were a post-punk electronic band from Melbourne, Australia formed in 1981. Michael Trudgeon, Valek Sadovchikoff, Steve Adam and Ramesh Ayyar met in the experimental sound studio while attending the same art school. Philip McKellar later joined the band in 1983. Between 1981 and 1985, INFORMATICS recorded numerous tracks, mainly in a garage, using a four-track tape machine and any electronic gear they could get their hands on. The band held a fascination for contemporary visual art and moving images and videos would accompany their live performances.The production elements in the videos reflected Informatics’ philosophy on sound composition: the footage was entirely pirated from television ads, manipulated and then collaged to create new narratives that reinforced the music.
    INFORMATICS came to work together through a shared fascination in electronic music and the capabilities of analogue synthesizers. In early performances, long before the advent of samplers, the Informatics used a collection of synthesizers and other analogue and hand built equipment. These were patched together to create a unique battery of sounds. Between January and November 1981 INFORMATICS recorded their debut 4 song “Dezinformatzia” EP but it was not released until 1983 . The track “Proximity Switch”, later renamed “Accidents in Paradise” became popular in parts of Europe and was re-released in 1985. “Dance To A Dangerous Beat” collects all 4 songs from the first EP, 2 songs from compilation appearances as well as 6 unreleased tracks on vinyl for the first time. Informatics early songs have a brittle, cold, disconnected feel made by a Roland SH-101, Korg MS-20 and a lot of processed guitar. The later songs utilize newer technology and ambient, synthesized melodies closer to their country mates Severed Heads.
    All songs have been transferred from the master tapes by INFORMATICS and remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in a full color printed jacket using the original magenta and grey artwork from “Dezinformatzia” EP. Each LP includes a double sized 11×11 insert with photographs and liner notes by the band. “Dance To A Dangerous Beat” recounts the history of these synthpunk pioneers a world away from their contemporaries in America.
    ... more

    Sold Out

  • Linea Aspera "s/t" Lp (Dark Entries) SALE!!

    from dark entries-

    Linea Aspera is the London duo of Ryan Ambridge (Synths/Programming) and Alison Lewis (Vocals/Synths). They began the project in November 2011, technically drawing inspiration from electronic music from the early 1980s. Within the duo, Alison writes and performs all vocal elements, while Ryan is responsible for the writing and performing of the electronics, as well as recording and mixing of the final recordings.
    For their debut album they utilized small, simple analog synthesizer set up: Roland SH-09, Roland Juno 6, Vermona DRM MKiii, Korg Poly 800 and Analogue Solutions Semblance. Linea Aspera’s sound includes clear influences from early electronic body music, classic synth-pop and, in some instances, industrial and noise. Lyrically the band incorporates the sciences of osteology, neuroscience, and anthropology weaving a new medical language around themes of desire, despair and renewal. Linea Aspera serve up an icebox of dark doom riding on Alison’s powerful vocals with a soft but sharp touch. ... more

    Sold Out

  • Lower Synth Dept. "Plaster Mould" Lp (Genetic Music) SALE!!!

    "The music of the band is deeply influenced by and related to the experimental electronic music of the late 1970s and early 1980s, that was made in Sheffield by bands like The Future/The Human League, Vice Versa, Cabaret Voltaire, or by the formerly in Preston based musician Colin Potter and a few American avant-garde artists, pioneering in electronic music, like John Bender, etc.. Although the band is very careful in creating a minimal electronics sound, obviously appearing vintage in itself, it is produced in a hybrid way, by using analogous procedures and modern techniques of production as well. So in the end Lower Synth Department is concerned with post-minimal electronics so to speak."

    Sold Out

  • Fall Of Saigon "S/t" 12"ep (dark entries) SALE!!!!!

    "Beaten. Enlivened. Youthful. Aged. Fall of Saigon took the divergent and smelted them into an uneasy union. The rudimentary composition to certain tracks amplifies their energy, purging them of decoration for a focus on the iron grip of pain that permeates. Grief laden and cruelly touching. An obscurity brought back to the light." -igloomag.com
    i absolutely adore this record. very simple, and a mix of clean and overdriven. There's an innocence to it but also a world-weariness to it. Imagine if Young Marble Giants mixed it up more and were more french. Soooo Happy this got reissued. One of the few records i considered dropping too much money on for an original copy.

    Sold Out

  • Nina Belief "System Of Belief" 10"ep (no em blanc) SALE!!!!

    5 songs of cold minimal synth, miami style from this one woman show. great record!

    Sold Out

  • Gel Set "Microsoftcore Xxxcell" cassette (lillerne tapes) SALE!!

    The "follow up" to Gel Set's debut "cell jets" which was released last spring on Modern Tapes. This is a new batch of your favorite Hazy, spaced out synth stylings for 2013!

    Sold Out

  • YOU. "Brick" Lp (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!!

    this is the Blind Prophet vinyl version of the now OUT OF PRINT cassette Modern Tapes released in the fall of 2012.

    here's what BP has to say:
    Brick is the brand new LP from Brooklyn (via Detroit)’s YOU. It’s also the final bedroom recording album. Recorded in the winter 2010-2011, it serves as a fitting epitaph to this era of the band and contains some of their finest recordings to date. This is absolutely top shelf minimal synth/electro that even includes a Negative Approach cover for all the punks out there.

    Strictly limited to 200 copies – each record comes with a unique found photograph adhered to the back cover with scenes from Detroit’s past. Respect.

    there are two songs here NOT on the cassette and one missing that is on the cassette. So the two balance each other out nicely.

    ... more

    Sold Out

  • Lives Of Angels "Elevator To Eden" Lp (Dark Entries) SALE!!!

    from dark entries-

    Lives of Angels was the brainchild of Gerald O’Connell from London, England. In 1974 he worked at CBS studios mastering recordings from tape to disc. During the early and mid seventies Gerald worked on the startup of the Virgin label, and also met most of the leading figures in German electronic/rock music. People like Klaus Schulze, Amon Duul II, The Can, Manuel Gottsching, Edgar Froese and so on. Their music was obviously years ahead of its time and he was quite inspired by it. By the end of the 70s Gerald was playing in bands. In 1977 he joined his first band Mystery Plane, led by school mate Mark Harvey and later joined by his soon-to-be wife Catherine. Due to a lack of resources it was impossible to do the kind of music that was in his head. So he built his own studio. Gerald branched off in 1980 forming Lives of Angels as an outlet for his own compositions. He recorded, produced and played all of the instruments on “Elevator to Eden” between 1981 and 1983, using a primitive set up of drum machines, one keyboard, guitar and a tape echo.
    Influenced by the Krautrock sounds of Neu! and Amon Duul II as well as US psychedelic rock, Lives of Angles crafted their own unique post-punk sound. Gerald says he has been influenced by, in no particular order: Van Dyke Parks; Tangerine Dream (Zeit); passing trains; The Grateful Dead (especially Dark Star in all its iterations); Ash Ra Tempel; Van Morrison (Astral Weeks); Steve Reich; Michael Rother; Albert Ayler; Neu (Hallogallo); Glenn Branca; the sound of the city; Amon Duul II; distant playgrounds; late sixties San Francisco Psychedelia; Debussy; aircraft engines; Bulgarian folk song; Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Philip Glass; Wagner; Vaughan Williams; the dance bands of Zaire, especially Dr. Nico and Tabu Ley; Klaus Schulze; Schubert; Ornette Coleman; Arnold Bax; waterfalls; footsteps in cathedrals
    “Elevator to Eden” was originally released in 1983 on cassette by Color Tape Records, the label started by Gary Ramon of Modern Art. Then in 1986 Fire Records remixed and re-released the album on vinyl but the band was not happy with the mixes.
    By 1989 Gerald was so disheartened by the process of trying to make a living out of music that he gave up on it altogether. He started drawing and painting: www.gacoc.demon.co.ukBy Art and computers came together from 1996 onwards as he became immersed in the online/digital world. He still had a lot of music in his head, but didn’t give much thought to actually doing anything about it. Early in 2000 he remarked, in an offhand way, to a friend that he wished there was an equivalent to Photoshop for the digital manipulation of sound. The SoundForge software was all that was needed in order to re-awaken his active interest in music. With just a couple of thousand pounds worth of equipment (most of it the cost of a PC) it was now possible to have a setup that might have cost a half million twenty years previously. Gerald continues to make music to this day. Some of it can be heard on their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/livesofangels/music
    ... more

    Sold Out

  • Staring Problem 7" (BLVD records) SALE!!!

    their first vinyl release! The follow up to their debut cassette on Modern Tapes. Three songs: Seed, Faced and OCD. Great stuff! Includes download card.

    Sold Out

  • Mueran Humanos "s/t" Lp (Blind Prophet) SALE!!!

    Blind Prophet Records is proud to present the vinyl edition of Mueran Humanos’ stunning debut album (also available on CD through the legendary Italian industrial label Old Europa Cafe). Tomas and Carmen of Mueran Humanos embody the classic counterculture tradition of an “us against the world” couple driven to greatness through their love of each other and their passion for art. Think of them as a post-industrial Lux and Ivy, a garage rock Chris and Cosey, or even a psychedelic Johnny Cash and June Carter.
    Mueran Humanos also perfectly embody a sonic balance between their native Buenos Ares and the city of Berlin where they now reside. The record is dripping with Argentinian swagger and sexiness but also manages to capture the futuristic spirit of Berlin’s krautrock, industrial, and electro heritage.
    Ultimately what Mueran Humanos have done is create a record for everyone to enjoy. It touches upon moments of psychedelia, EBM, garage rock, industrial, kraut rock, post punk, post industrial, and minimal synth and it ties them all together in a well executed and well recorded package with strong male and female vocals sung purely in Spanish. The end result is a truly spectacular journey from the dimly lit streets of Buenos Ares to the crowded and sweaty nightclubs of Berlin. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the most celebrated albums of 2011.
    ... more

    Sold Out

  • HNN “Piece Radiophonique” Lp (La Forme Lente) SALE!!!

    The latest release from La Forme Lente! HNN is the solo project of Gregg Anthe (Morthem Vlade Art, In Broken English). He straddles the world of mournful New Order guitar hooks and upbeat dark dance beats. Gorgeous fold out silk screened cover! Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies!

    Sold Out



released January 5, 2013



all rights reserved


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cassettes, some vinyl and their digital counterparts.

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every release is put together with care from various locales around the world. Thank you.
... more

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